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A Private Chef and Sommelier Experience



Pick A Date

Whether a class or a dinner, pick a date that works with your schedule.



Get in the kitchen! For an interactive experience, let’s make ravioli, or roll some sushi!


Fresh Ingredients

You’ll find high quality, sustainable and seasonal ingredients in every bite.


Wine & Food

I also offer food and wine pairings to complete your dining experience.


Wine Classes

Custom classes on any topic you choose. The class can be about your cellar favorites, or something brand new.


Tasty Meals

Food should always taste good.
That’s why every meal is customized to your preferences.

Lillet Yuzu Cocktail

A no-fuss cocktail that feels like a sophisticated vacation.

March 2021 Menu

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Fritters and Special Sauce

Easy, fun, and guaranteed to impress anyone you feed them to.

Chipotle Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash – Make it Ahead or Make it Right Now

I love breakfast for dinner. I really love breakfast anytime. And I also love sweet potatoes. Add in Bacon, the world's most perfect protein, and chorizo? I'm in. Who's with me? Sweet potatoes are just so, bright and cheerful. And they meld so well with so many...

The BEST Croutons

Buttery, Crunchy but not too crunchy, and great with just about any flavor you put with them. And most likely, you have the main ingredient in your house already... Hotdog buns. They make the best croutons! I can have a love-hate relationship with croutons in all...

French Onion Soup

French onion soup is a time-old classic. Similar to classic movies, I've seen it redone just about every which way. Just about every spin on it though seems to send the same message - rich, comforting, and warming. You can make this soup elegant and refined as I've...

Light and Satisfying Shrimp Curry Soup with Seasoned Naan

The following recipe was inspired by Food & Wine Magazine's latest edition (January 2021) which is all about "sopping." I absolutely loved the editor's note about how he came across a woman in a grocery store who was asking him what naan was and how to use it. He...

Pastéis De Nata – Your Next Crowd-Pleasing Sweet Treat

(Pronounced Past-eesh De Nada) Have you ever been to Portugal? If not -- add it to the top of your "post-covid travel plans" list. It is one of the most incredible countries I have ever visited. The people are incredibly kind, and patient if you can't speak fluent...

The Perfect Holiday Bread: Focaccia

Perhaps it’s the rosemary or the plethora of other herbs you can add to this divine recipe that makes me say it’s a holiday recipe. Of course, you can make this recipe all year long - but one of my favorite ways of making this is with rosemary and sage. I’ve done...

Active Dry, Instant, Quick Rise, Fresh – What’s In A Name?

Instant, Active Dry, Rapid-Rise, Quick-Rise, Compressed — Aren’t they all just yeast? Yes - and no. So let’s take a quick painless journey through these differences so you can bake up a storm this holiday season. Maybe try making your own holiday focaccia this year? I...


I will curate a custom meal experience for you. Every ingredient will be hand-selected in ways that will meet both your expectations and your budget.


Food should always be delicious! I believe that it’s my responsibility as a Chef to create delectable bites that give back to the earth so that we can continue to grow and produce great foods.


I can cook a meal with any nutritional guidelines you’d like, from “meat-lovers only” to “vegans rule”. Allergic to onions? I can work with that. However, you will find that most of my cooking style naturally revolves around the idea of “Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy” also known as MMT. In simple terms, this diet revolves around high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb based meals.


My goal for every event is that I create an experience you’ll enjoy along with your guests and family. It’s my job to take away all of the work so that you and your guests enjoy the time you have together. Using the above ideology, I have curated dinner themes such as specific wine regions, make-your-own sushi parties, make-your-own pizza workshops, local seafood and vegetable-based dinner with wine pairings, 101 Wine Pairing workshops, and many more.

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